The Digital Turning Point - Privacy Lost, Work 42/7 and Newspapers Gone

USC Annenberg School of Communication claims that America is at a turning point. They have gathered their findings in a number of points (below) and most of these are actually interesting to discuss from the view of the entire western society.

1. Social media explodes – but most content has no credibility.

Amen to this, but where wil we find the future credibility. Online news?

2. The meaning of “E-Nuff Already” continues to expand.

Agreed, my email is on a rampage since 5 years back.

3. The desktop PC is dead; long live the tablet.

OK, this one wasn’t that hard to figure out. Just have a look on the iPad sales.

4. Work is increasingly a 24/7 experience.

Interesting and agreeable. I myself bring my phone and me laptop everywhere and It’s getting increasingly harder to tell whether I’m working or not.

5. Most U.S. print newspapers will be gone in five years.

I’m amazed they lasted as long as they did, in Europe this will also happen but it will take longer time here. In 2025 most printed newspapers in Sweden will be just a memory from where ciculation took time and was expensive.

6. Our privacy is lost.

This will probably be true for the majority, but there will also be a uprising movment that offers tools to fight nformation-gathering about online behavior.

7. The Internet’s role in the American political process is still a question.

Hear, hear!

8. The Internet will continue to create shifts in buying habits, at the expense of traditional brick-and-mortar retail.

Interesting and definitly worth exploring.

9. As social networking continues to grow, family and friends are linked more closely than ever.  But how is social networking and other Internet use affecting time spent with family and friends?

I’ve hear this argument for quite some time now but in reality my most social on-line friends are also the ones that are social off-line. Go figure!

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